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Are You Looking for a Fun Activity for Your Child
that also helps them prepare for the real world?

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Mom & Dad,

We understand how important choosing the right activity for your child is. It should not be so difficult and challenging.

Let's face it, it can be a bit overwhelming thinking about your child getting older so quickly. As much as you want to think they are prepared for school, every parent has the same questions. Are they ready to socialize with their new classmates? Will they stay focused on the teacher during class and keep up with the other kids?  

Our Tiger Tots program is designed to enhance your kids ability to pay attention and follow directions.  In the age of sensory overload, this is a skill that will provide your kids with immediate results that will reflect positively on their academic work.

Parenting should not have to be a stressful task you face alone!

Let Bang Elite Sport Taekwondo help you equip your child for success in the real world.


positive attitude

Positive Mental Attitude

goal setting skills

High Goal-Setting


Respect & Self-Confidence

Bang Elite Sport Taekwondo Is Your Partner in Parenting

We teach the same values you teach at home, in a positive, safe & fun environment.

The foundation of the Tiger Tots curriculum is the education and development of life-skills such as positive mental attitude, high goal-setting, perseverance, self-control and confidence.


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WHAT MAKES Bang Elite Sport Taekwondo ARTS DIFFERENT

We focus on the personal development aspect of martial arts, not just self-defense moves.

Our instructors are all certified black belts, qualified and licensed to teach martial arts.

Our facility is always clean and features a viewing area for parents, as well as matted floors throughout.


cognitive development communication

Developmental Growth

Group activities are a great opportunity for young children to further develop their social skills through structured interaction, using language to express their thoughts and needs with peers.

cooperation participation kids playing


By working with their peers towards a common goal, children will further develop their cooperation skills, conversation skills, and discover how to share and be fair.

diversity togetherness

Interaction & Togetherness

Friendships will be encouraged between children who do not normally play together, exposing your child to the concept of working with different types of people with different points of view.


improved social skills


Social interaction teaches kids how to effectively work as part of a team.

improve fitness


Martial arts helps improve coordination and is an excellent form of exercise.

build healthy habits


Building healthy habits early on can help prevent obesity and diabetes later in life.

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At Bang Elite Sport Taekwondo, it is our mission to help raise a confident,,
focused leader with the life-transforming experience that is martial arts.

Learn Goal Setting Skills

Learn Goal-Setting Skills

Belt testing provides an excellent exercise for kids in learning how to set and achieve goals. Their self-esteem will continue to rise with each accomplishment as they watch their hard work pay off.

Tiger Tots

Improve Focus
and Self-Control

Complex physical activities such as martial arts have proven to strengthen the brain’s neural networks, helping kids improve their focus and self-control. This can be especially beneficial for kids with ADD/ADHD.

Strong Sense of Respect

A Strong Sense of Respect

The traditional nature of martial arts teaches kids respect in their classes, whether they are taking a bow or waiting patiently for the next set of instructions. This sense of respect also helps kids improve their grades, while improving their listening skills at home and in school.

What Other Parents Are Saying:

I brought my son here as a reference from one of his friends from school. It started as just entertaining the thought because kids change their minds every day on what they want to do. Bang Elite is absolutely the greatest gift I could have ever given to my son. He has almost been a student for a year, and I could not be any more proud to be a TKD mom to him. The staff, the teachers, are all so amazing. Every day when you walk in, it's like walking into your second home. It's a sense you get of family greeting you at the door. I am so blessed my son gets to be a part of this family.

Samantha Perkins

I can’t say enough great things about this place! From the moment you walk in you feel like you belong somewhere. It’s been a blessing to join here. My little wiggle worm has grown so much in such a short period of time. Like many little ones, my son has issues focusing and sitting still. He is thriving in so many ways, and I know it’s due to the hard work and dedication these coaches put into these kids. Master Bang and his team are superior, to say the least. They are patient, kind, funny, motivating and so much more. I love how they have a “word” of the week to teach meaning and purpose. It’s such a fun environment to come to every night, and the look on my son's face when he learns a new skill and earns a stripe is priceless. Thank you guys for all you do! I highly recommend coming and taking a class. You WON'T be disappointed!

Kyia Marie Rosandich

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Tiger Tots program is for ages 3-5 and Kids Taekwondo is for ages 5-12.

All of our memberships offer a satisfaction guarantee for your first month and there are multiple membership lengths available after you decide that martial arts is right for your family.

Absolutely not! We have classes for all ability levels and no previous experience is required. More experienced members help new ones, and we make sure that everyone feels right at home on their first day of class.

Even though we practice self-defense moves and we do practice some sparring drills, your child will not be "fighting" anyone or getting hurt. Of course there is always potential for injury with any sports activity, however, our instructors take great care to make sure everyone practices at their own pace without getting injured.

Our martial arts classes' primary goal is to make sure our students have fun in a playful, safe environment. Come and see a class for yourself - the kids have a blast and our instructors do too.

No, our classes are a good mix of boys and girls of all fitness levels. Beginners train alongside some of the more experienced kids, helping each other out in a fun team environment.

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